GSGHS has captured what appears to be a FULL BODY APPARITION on Thermal imaging
The video clip you are about to view was captured at an Undisclosed Location on January 24, 2009 during a routine investigation. The name of the location is being withheld due to Client privilege. In this video clip you are going to see what GSGHS considers a full Body Apparition. It was caught on a FLIR unit. Boni Bates, Robert Reid and Dave Goldstein were there to witness this phenomena. You will notice the blue human shape in the middle of the LCD display on the FLIR, the outside of the apparition is blue with the core (middle) black. Notice the temp. gauge on the right of the screen. Black being the coldest, this hall way was heated and the average Temp. was 58 Deg. F. The trio came around the corner of a room at the end of the hall to witness the apparition just standing in the middle of the hall way. You will notice the heat signatures of various objects. The red on the wall to the right is an exit sign and a light fixture. Lower right corner is a hi-8 night vision camera on a tri-pod. Dave also was filming this with a Night vision camera and as you can see there are no obstructions or objects in the hall way, nor any humans. Also notice that the apparition, at times has a cold shadow to the left of it! Very amazing! The EMF field in this hall was rather high at 2.3 mili gauss which may contribute to the manifestation of an apparition . This was due to the electrical pipes running down the hall. As the trio walked toward the entity , it simply just disappears into thin air! At the end of the hall, the wall had a heat signature not a cold signature! This is by far the best evidence GSGHS has captured since our inception. We are willing to discuss this video with any one that would like to discuss it. Enjoy the video and please let us know YOUR thoguhts.

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GARDEN STATE GHOST HUNTERS SOCIETY, we invite you to explore the web site and enjoy all the information that is available. GSGHS was formed in January of 2004. Our group was formed after a merger of Ewing Twp. ghost hunters and T.I.P.S paranormal society. Boni Bates is the co-founder of the society and it is their belief to share and help those in need of our services. Our team is dedicated and professional. Dave Goldstein heads up our Tech. crew along with Ron Poulin.

The Garden State Ghost Hunters have been featured in many media outlets including TV, digital media, print and radio. GSGHS has been featured on the TRAVEL CHANNELS "Mysterious Journeys" show, at Eastern State Penn. in Philadelphia PA. GSGHS group is always open to discuss our team and findings with the media. Just .

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When browsing our site please keep an open mind. We invite your opinions pertaining to our evidence, please "contact us" with any questions you may have about the web site or if you wish for GSGHS to conduct an investigation at your business or residence. There is NO CHARGE for our services, all investigations are funded by our members and through donations. We believe in providing proof of life here after. The evidence found on our site was gathered using the latest in paranormal standards for such investigations.

The investigative team is devoted to our clients and will never share your names or information. GSGHS holds high standards on the investigations and is respectful to persons and property. GSGHS has trained investigators that have vast field experience with many skill's. Boni Bates is a certified paranormal investigator. Boni was trained and certified thru MICHIGAN GHOST WATCHERS, as well as has many years of experience in ghost investigations. Robert Reid also has many years of investigational experience and training. GSGHS team members were all in house trained, which means that GSGHS has a strict training policy and our Trainees can spend over a year in training alone.

Many of our investigations have been conducted for residential structures and many historical societies have contacted us for our help. We specialize in historical research. Many of the historical societies have asked the team back several times for our help. We will visit your residence as many times as you wish. For the "GHOSTS " are not always cooperative.

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